All of these techniques use Young Living Essential Oils exclusively.

Vitaflex Technique  -  $50

Vitaflex is a simple method of applying oils to specific points on the feet or hands. Then a series of hand movements at those points create a vibrational healing energy that carries the oils along neuroelectrical pathways. The oils help increase the frequency of this healing energy and serve to either help remove any blockages along the pathways or to travel the length of the pathway to benefit particular organs.

Raindrop Technique - $75

Raindrop Technique is a simple application of dropping specific oils like little drops of rain from about 6 inches above the body, along the entire length of the spine. It provides support for your immune system, can increase comfort in your back, and is very relaxing. And, you smell great after the treatment.

Vibrational Raindrop Technique -- $90

Take the Raindrop Technique, add tuning forks of specific frequencies, and you have the Vibrational Raindrop Technique. The tuning forks enhance the benefits of the oils and the oils enhance the tuning forks. The tuning forks are used in pairs by placing them on specific acupuncture points and sounding them around the body. This technique is referred to by some as "a Raindrop on steroids."

AromaDome Session -- $25

Enjoy an intensive aromatherapy session in our AromaDome. Relax on the massage table and just breathe deeply to maximize the benefit of the oils. One client described it like this:

"Its a way to swaddle yourself with oils without wasting any. It's like getting a therapeutic amount of oils in a gentle way."

The AromaDome is an excellent way to help support your immune system, increase circulation, relax or speed healing, all depending on the oils selected.

Sessions last approximately 20 minutes.