ZYTO Compass Technology

Introducing the ZYTO Compass —  let your body give you a second 0pinion.

ZYTO Compass technology
How the ZYTO works

ZYTO technology is used by more than 5,000 doctors and health care providers to help make decisions on the health care needs of their clients with 93% proven accuracy. Now that same technology is available to everyone interested in better health. We can easily use the Zyto to help make decision about personal health and wellness programs.

The COMPASS Bio-Energy Scan makes health assessments simple — all you have to do is place your hand on a small hand “cradle” that’s a bit larger than a computer mouse.

The hand cradle is the interface between your body and a computer, which sends digital signals to your body and measures your body’s responses. Your body’s energy field responds to over 400 million bits of information per second. ZYTO technology is able to read and measure your body’s response to digital signatures which indicate your body’s preferences to help bring it back into a state of balance, and consequently, improved health.

The COMPASS measures 76 bio-markers in your body. It records the bio-frequency of each marker and records those out of range or out of balance. Then it gives you a picture of your bio-markers that are out of range. When the COMPASS registers the imbalance, it look for the exact Young Living product to bring each of those bio-marker back into range or balance. All YL products have been scanned into the COMPASS, and the list is kept current. Once those products have been calculated, the COMPASS then gives you a report on the products. It will tell you which oils or supplements bring how many markers  back into range. Next it prints a description of  supplement and oil, what it does and why it will correct a problem. At the end of your consultation your report will be emailed to you. As simple as that! For more information on Young Living products and business, just follow this link.

What your ZYTO Compass report shows you.

A sample ZYTO Compass report.

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