Community Acupuncture

Flying recliners

Summit Acupuncture Services opened in Lee’s Summit in February 2009. We are the only Community Acupuncture clinic in Western Missouri and Greater KC. So, just what is Community Acupuncture? Here’s a short video made by the Community Acupuncture Network (now POCA) that does a good job explaining it. Take a look.

Calmest Revolution Ever Staged

CA was started in Portland, Oregon in 2002 at Working Class Acupuncture. The folks there were looking for a way to help the largest number of patients and make acupuncture accessible to everyone. So they came up with the idea of treatment patients in recliners in a group setting and charging less money per treatment. This way patients can afford to receive the number of treatments they need to get better, without having to mortgage their house.

CA has become very popular all over the east and west coasts, as well as in the southwest and southeast of the country. We’re proud to have the only CA clinic in Western Missouri/Greater KC. We believe that people should be able to afford their healthcare and be able to get results and feel better at a reasonable cost. That’s why we have joined the “calmest revolution ever staged” — the Community Acupuncture movement. For more information, you can go to POCA.

Sage Norbury, MSOM, LAc, is the owner of Summit Acupuncture. Sage has over 15 years experience in Chinese Medicine and over 25 years working in alternative and complementary medicine. She brings a wealth and depth of experience to each treatment.

Summit Acupuncture Services is a proud member of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). The ear acupuncture treatment protocol created by Michael Smith MD over 30 years ago is elegant in its simplicity and effectiveness. This protocol treats stress, cravings, insomnia, pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety and more. It is being used at Walter Reed Army Hospital and is part of the curriculum at Yale Medical School in the Psychiatry Department. This is one of the many treatments offered at Summit Acupuncture and is particularly well-suited to the community environment.


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