Community Acupuncture Fees

Our practice in Lee’s Summit is based on the principal of providing quality affordable acupuncture treatment to the Kansas City Metro area and Jackson County MO. We believe that acupuncture should be accessible to everyone.

Our Community Acupuncture fees offer a sliding scale to any patient who needs it. No proof of income is required.

Community Acupuncture Fees

Treatments are $45 per visit, with an option to pay as low as $25, depending on the patient’s financial situation. As an example, some retired people and students on a budget may pay only $25 for a treatment. Many patient’s with a steady income pay $45 per treatment. You decide how much you can pay.

We keep our fees affordable to encourage patients to receive more frequent treatments. We find that patients who receive acupuncture more frequently early in their time with us heal more quickly. For more detailed information,click here.

Your treatment may include acupuncture, far infrared heat lamp, dietary and lifestyle counseling and other suggestions, depending upon your condition.

When necessary, Chinese herbal prescriptions may be recommended for a patient. We will be happy to order these herbs for you from one of our suppliers. All of our herbal suppliers carry only the highest quality products, manufactured under strict guidelines and conditions, with prescription-grade quality controls. The price of any herbal products and essential oils will, of course, be charged in addition to the treatment fees.

An Explanation of our Fees and Sliding Scale

Summit Acupuncture Services LLC offers high quality acupuncture at affordable rates. We do this by allowing clients to pay along a sliding scale. A sliding scale, for those of you unfamiliar with one, is a range of payment options that allows you to adjust what you pay according to your ability to pay. We offer a sliding scale not to be charitable (however, we fully support charitable endeavors). A sliding scale is provided for two reasons: It’s good for you; it’s good for us.

Why it’s good for you:

The sliding scale make acupuncture affordable and accessible.

  • The sliding scale separates the issues of money and treatments.┬áResearch has shown that acupuncture is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly.
  • Your health will benefit with more visits. The sliding scale enables you to come for as long and as often as you need to regain your health and/or manage your condition.

Why it’s good for us:

  • The sliding scale opens our services up to a much greater portion of the population. When more people can afford acupuncture, more people are more likely to get acupuncture.
  • The sliding scale allows us to treat many more people, which benefits us financially as well as clinically — we gain more expertise as we treat more people.
  • Also, as people get better because they can afford a full course of treatment, they are more likely to recommend us to their friends and family — everybody wins.


Our fees for all community acupuncture treatments are $45, with a sliding scale available as needed. The fees on the sliding scale are based on the patient’s own ability to pay. As an example, retired people and students may pay only $25 per treatment. Many patients with a steady income pay $45 per treatment. You decide how much you can pay.

Some patients resist the sliding scale because they say it feels like they are asksing for a handout. Please understand that the sliding scale is not charity, just good ecomonics. It maximizes the number of people we can treat across the entire population.

If you are still reluctant to use the sliding scale, but are worried about affording continued treatment, please set aside any resistance and pay within your capacity. This helps everyone.




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