Harmful myths that we have swallowed

We’ve all heard the dietary advice from the “experts” — don’t eat saturated fats; salt is bad; eat more whole grains; stay away from fats. So we have switched to processed vegetable oils, low-sodium everything, whole wheat and no-fat foods. And we are sicker and fatter than we were before. What the heck? What if we learned that these “truths” we’ve been told were really harmful myths that have damaged our health?

Better than butter? Really?


At least 4 times a week I have a patient who tells me they are having a problem with gluten. Or wheat. Or digestion. Or pain all over the body. When I started practicing acupuncture 16 years ago, no one ever complained about gluten or wheat. Now there are aisles in the grocery stores dedicated to gluten-free foods. Most of which are highly processed and may be full of chemicals. It’s just trading one evil for another.

Did you know that when food manufacturers take the fat out of foods it many times increases the sodium content per serving? Even if no additional salt is added. But it also takes out a lot of the flavor. So “natural” flavors are added, most of which are chemically made. Personally, I’d rather have a little fat than all those chemicals.

modern v einkorn wheat
Modern vs Einkorn Wheat

This article, posted on eatlocalgrown.com, talks about some of the current information that is shedding light on these harmful myths and choices we can make to improve our nutrition.

It’s a new year; resolutions are everywhere; changes are happening. Why not make some basic changes in what you eat? This is NOT dieting. This is smart eating. You may not loose that 20 pounds, but you may loose 200 chemicals.

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